I have been working in cybersecurity since 2001, mainly in the fields of incident response and digital forensics. I hold relevant industry certifications (CISSP, CCSP) as well as a PhD in Network and Information Technologies, with my thesis on Forensic imaging and analysis of Apple iOS devices.

In 2003 I joined a spin-off of esCERT-UPC in Barcelona as a member of their Incident Response Team, working for both public and private sectors.

Two years later I was one of the founders of INCIDE, a firm specialized in digital forensics and e-crime. For seven years I worked in cases of corporate espionage, sabotage, information leaks, blackmail and fraud. I have extensive experience working closely with Law Enforcement agencies and appearing in court as an expert witness.

Since 2012 I work as a Cybersecurity Engineer at the U.N. Global Service Centre, as part of the Threat and Incident Management unit of the OICT Cybersecurity Service.

I have also worked as a professor at the Universidad Internacional de La Rioja, as thesis director in the Master in Computer Security, and teaching the subject "Forensic analysis of desktop systems" covering Windows, Linux and macOS.

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Feel free to drop me a line: pope@pope.es.

Luis Gómez_Miralles 'Pope', 2023